Dental Care

Ensuring your furry friend’s oral health through regular brushing, dental check-ups, and professional cleanings.

Vet checking dog teeth

Dental Care

Your pet’s oral health is important to more than just their teeth. Poor dental health can have a whole-body impact, leading to poor eating, and can cause infections in other organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. That is why we recommend regular dental examinations at Woodinville Animal Hospital. Regular dental and oral examinations can pick up more than just problems with your pet’s teeth. Full oral examinations can be used to screen for conditions such as oral cancer or trauma. When cleaning or extractions are indicated, general anesthesia and thoughtful post-operative pain control ensure the best possible results.

Maintaining your pet’s oral health is critical to his or her overall wellness. Pets, like humans, can suffer from a variety of dental conditions that, if left untreated, can cause pain, discomfort, and even more serious health concerns. Regular dental care is important not just for fresh breath and pearly whites, but also for preventing dental problems such as periodontal disease, tooth decay, and oral infections.

The Advantages of Our Dental Services

  • Comprehensive Dental Exams: Our experienced veterinarians conduct extensive dental examinations to discover any dental concerns, including as plaque accumulation, gum disease, or tooth decay, assuring early identification and management.
  • Professional Dental Cleanings: We provide sophisticated dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar from hard-to-reach regions, assisting in the prevention of dental disease development.
  • Dental X-rays Digital: Our cutting-edge digital X-ray technology enables us to see any underlying dental abnormalities, such as cracked teeth or tooth root abscesses, that would otherwise be invisible to the human eye.
  • Oral Health Education: We think that pet parents play an important role in their pet’s dental care journey. Our educated staff can advise you on home dental care procedures such as toothbrushing, dental chews, and specialized diets.
  • Pain control: We prioritize your pet’s comfort throughout dental operations by using safe and effective pain control techniques, delivering a stress-free experience.
  • Improved Overall Health: Dental disorders can lead to systemic infections and have an impact on important organs, including the heart, liver, and kidneys. We help your pet’s general health and lifespan by treating dental concerns.

Rely on Our Experience

Trust the expert staff at Woodinville Animal Hospital with your pet’s dental treatment. To provide superior, compassionate, and stress-free treatment for your cherished friend, our veterinary specialists combine their profound understanding of pet emotions with the most recent breakthroughs in dental care methods and technology.

Don’t wait for dental issues to occur. Give your pet the gift of a healthy grin by contacting Woodinville Animal Hospital now!