About Us

Woodinville Animal Hospital Veterinary ClinicThe Woodinville Animal Hospital is a full-service companion animal facility which was established and serving the community since 1978. We provide a variety of veterinary services, including preventive medicine, general dentistry, general surgery, and radiology. It is our commitment to provide quality, caring, and comprehensive veterinary care throughout the life of your pet. With an in-house laboratory to provide rapid diagnostics and years of experience in a wide range of treatment modalities, we offer excellent treatment options with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind.


We love Woodinville Animal Clinic! My daughter and I take our pets there and were a bit nervous when the new owner, Nicole Davis, took over. Would it still feel like a neighborhood clinic? Would they still put our animals first, over costs and tests? Would the staff still be as friendly and welcoming? Well, I can say YES to all and even more. Dr. Davis is amazing. Very patient and kind. I think she is an “animal whisperer” because my kitties sure respond well to her. At age 18 I don’t want my cats to have to go through much testing or upset and Dr. Davis is very good at considering their age and quality of life.

I love this clinic (and all the upgrades!) and am definitely referring friends and family to it.

Anne Heartsong

I chose to bring my pets to Woodinville Animal Hospital because the staff, esp. Dr. Davis, is outstanding. It is refreshing to meet a veterinary team so caring, compassionate and genuine. They really listen to concerns and present all the options for treatment without any pressure or judgment. They are the best!

Robyn Laccinole

Our Mission

Our veterinary health team is committed to providing the highest quality medical care to our patients and personal attention to our clients